Sing a Song of Blackbirds

Uneasy in Willowmaid

Mist 14th

Faunra, Keventhrios, Olivia and Zythix were contacted by Hailey Waters and asked to meet her at the Sap Tap Tavern in the town of Willowmaid. Before they could meet with Hailey, however, the party was approached by a black cardinal and asked to join the Ravenspire militia on behalf of the enigmatic Ravens. Disappointed by the low pay, the party turned down the Cardinal’s offer and instead met with Hailey to discuss a different line of work.

Hailey informed the party that over the span of a few weeks four people had disappeared in the southern part of town. While three of these were simple laborers, the fourth was Hale Miller, the son of a prominent member of the community. She hired the party to investigate the cause of the disappearances and promised them one hundred gold coins each if they could bring an end to the problems plaguing the town. The party graciously accepted, and Keventhrios immediately began by questioning the tavern’s proprietor, who happened to be Hale’s older brother, Gregory Miller.

While Keventhrios was speaking with Gregory, the black cardinal from earlier confronted Faunra, Olivia and Zythix at their table. He claimed that he knew what was causing the disappearances and said that it was because “the forest is angry.” He insisted that he could say no more on the subject, but added that should the party manage to bring an end to the threat to Willowmaid, he would see to it that they were recruited into the militia as special operatives.

Once both conversations drew to a close, the party went to the town hall to speak with Eliza’s son, Kevin, but first they stopped by the mayor’s office and convinced him to give them each a one-hundred-gold-coin voucher for Merna’s Shop of Wonders. They found Kevin in his personaly library, and he told them that if they gave him an hour he could draw them a map of the Willowmaid Marsh. He also asked Faunra to take a look at a book he had in his possession which was written in Druidic. Although Faunra could read the book to some extent, she could not discern it’s function. Kevin offered to give Merna the book if the party could find a few other books to offer in trade for the volume.

The party then went to Merna’s Shop of Wonders, where they met Merna Brimblebrisket, who sold them various supplies for the journey and offered a little more information on the area surrounding Willowmaid. Once the party was done shopping, they went down to the orchards to speak to Jeff Montgomery — The employer of three of the missing townspeople. On their way their, the party noticed that the orchards were unaccountably deserted and ran afoul of an assassin vine. They informed Mr. Montgomery of the incident and he shared with them rumors about green eyes in the mist across the river. He also told them that he had witnessed a green-eyed creature walking towards the deeper parts of the marsh.

The party then went into the marsh itself and explored a ruined tower. Kevin had suggested that they explore the tower in search of books. While searching a desk, Faunra was plagued by the whispers of an unseen antagonist. The whisperer turned out to be an ash wraith, which they were forced to subdue before they could explore the tower further. Once the wraith was defeated, the party was able to find two small books that had survived the fire that had consumed the tower. They also found a heavy lockbox containing unstamped gold coins and a slim glass vial of some viscous orange potion. Once their search of the tower was complete they returned to the Town Hall, traded the novels for the druidic tome, and retrieved the freshly-inked map of Willowmaid Marsh.


Valarian Valarian

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