The Ravens

The Ravens are the name given to the 5 enigmatic rulers of Ravenspire. The Ravens have a reputation for being mysterious and seclusive, and although many are suspicious of the Raven’s motives, very few can deny that their skilled leadership has blessed Ravenspire and its surrounding area with years of prosperity and wealth.

The Ravens rarely leave the Raven’s Roost, and when they do they always wear stiff cloaks of black feathers and iron masks etched with a series of downward-pointing chevrons.

The Ravens are said to have come from a distant land, though no one can say for sure what race they are. Some say that they are birdmen who flew to the Mahogany Coast from a distant island. Some say that they are foul vampires, who must wear black cloaks or be burned by the sun. The more sensible say that they are just human or elven merchant-warlords that journeyed from their own lands to find fame and fortune.

Every once in a very great while, a Raven will die or be slain in battle. When this happens, a new Raven is appointed by the remaining members of the council. This appointment is never given to any of the citizens of Ravenspire, and instead the new Raven must come from whatever distant land that the Ravens came from.

The Ravens

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