Merna's Shop of Wonders

Near the center of Willowmaid there is a shop that has been painted so many times in so many different colors that when the top coat of paint begins to peel, there is another color hiding beneath it. As a result, the shop often looks like a diseased poisonous frog. Over the door is a stone plaque that reads “Merna’s Shop of Wonders,” with each letter done in a different style.

The interior of the shop is just as eclectic as the exterior is. There are shelves of random curios and trinkets, racks upon racks of strange concoctions, and bone fetishes hanging from the ceiling. Fortunately for the inhabitants of the town, Merna has neatly organized all of the everyday items along the south wall.

Merna sells blue fire, a wide variety of poorly-labelled potions, most types of mundane equipment — including a limited collection of weapons and armor — and a few minor magic items. The magic items are usually on sale and proudly displayed on the counter.

As of Mist 14th, 1622 the items that are on display are:

  • A slender, unmarked wand made of whitewood. The label reads, “Wand of Charming – Only 300 gold coins!”
  • A thick, teak wand painted with slapdash red runes. The label reads, “Warning: Dangerous Amounts of Fiery Enjoyment! 1,000 gold coins!”
  • A sheaf of ten oak darts, capped with steel and etched with a simple rune. The label simply reads: “400 gold coins”
  • A ring carved from smooth white bone, adorned with an intricate carving of a goat’s head. The labe reads “Hours of Fun! 2,000 gold coins!”

Merna's Shop of Wonders

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