Emily Woodcroft

Emily Woodcroft is a young human druid who lives in Willowmaid Marsh. Her home is a hut made neatly out of willow-planks and sealed with tar and papyrus. The hut is covered in colorful flowers and next to the hut is a well-tended garden.

Emily has olive skin, grey-blue eyes and short black hair. She is a short and slender, but well-muscled for her size. Her face is long, but not particularly bony. Her dress is usually made up of plain leather and flax articles that she has made and dyed herself. She wears a black leather apron whenever she is working.

Emily gives the impression of being educated and she is always very-well spoken, even if she does seem a little blunt and uncaring in conversation. She believes only in what she can measure and prove with rigorous testing, but deep down she has the desire to believe in the wondrous and magical as well. Emily is good friends with Merna Brimblebrisket and Greznik Masondaughter. The first she enjoys for her amazing stories, though she tends to be skeptical of them. The second she sees as the most dependable person in her life, and Emily would give her life to protect Greznik, because she suspects Greznik would do the same.

Emily was once regarded with suspicion and unease by the people of Willowmaid. However, since the events on 14th of Mist, 1622 her prominent role in protecting the village from corruption has been brought to light by a Brave Band of Adventurers. As a result, she has come to be greatly respected by all in Willowmaid. She is seen in Willowmaid more often, conversing with townsfolk and dispensing advice. Some brave few are even willing to risk the long journey through the marsh in order to consult with her. Perhaps it is her regular interaction with others, or perhaps it the newfound appreciation and respect she is given by the people of Willowmaid, but Emily has started to smile a little more often than she used to.

Emily Woodcroft

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