A thick, amber liquid harvested from the willowmaid tree.


1 oz. Raw Willosap – 5 silver
1 oz. Boiled Willowsap – 5 gold
1 oz. Refined Willowsap – 200 gold


Raw willowsap is often used to flavor foods or cook meals.

Boiled Willowsap can be used as a material component for arcane and divine spells that do not have an instantaneous duration. A 1 oz. vial of boiled willowsap can be used to increase the duration of a spell by 25%.

Refined willowsap has undergone a long and rigorous process of distillation. Refined willowsap has magical qalities when it is imbibed. 1 oz vial of refined willowsap will give the drinker fast healing 1 for eight hours.


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