Sing a Song of Blackbirds

Stones, Roads and Water

Mist 15th to Mist 16th

The party met with the Black Cardinal in Kevin Waters’ study to plan their journey to Ravenspire. The Black Cardinal told the party that he would be following the The High Road and stopping at the villages along the way to continue recruiting people for the cause. He suggested that they follow the road that runs along the Boulder Coast, as a seafaring mercenary company known as the Ospreys had been conducting night-time raids all throughout the area. The Black Cardinal wanted the party to run off any attackers that they saw trying to land on the shore. The party agreed this was a sound idea and decided to begin the journey that night, so that they had a better chance of intercepting Osprey soldiers.

Before the party left, Kevin gave them a small waterproofed satchel filled with letters and asked them to deliver it to the Ebonwood Archives in Ravenspire.

The party’s journey to Ravenspire was interruped when they spotted an Osprey Longship off the shore in the middle of the night. They set up an ambush for one of the landing parties, lighting the ship on fire and killing all but one of the Osprey soldiers. The spectacle of the ambush scared off the other landing parties, and the landing barques returned to the longship without making shore.

The one surviving Osprey, an elf by the name of Elvarithon Goldlief, was taken prisoner by the party. In order to extract information about the elf’s employers, the party concocted an elaborate scheme by which Bijou would get Elvarithon’s trust. It culminated in a false escape an hour out from the next town. Bijou cut Elvarithon free and they fled south together. The party trailed them easily, hanging back so that Bijou and Elvarithon could speak, though now a storm is brewing, and it’s possible that they will lose the trail forever.


Valarian Valarian

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