Sing a Song of Blackbirds

Black-Winged Omens

Mist 16th

Still hot on the trail of Bijou and Elvarithon, the party was suddenly swept up in a storm from the coast. Although the rain made tracking Elvarithon and Bijou more difficult, Faunra was still able to easily follow the footprints the elven sailor left in the soft, wet soil of the plains.

Meanwhile, Bijou persuaded Elvarithon to press on despite the storm. The soggy pair conversed as they trecked further south. During their conversation Bijou, to discovered that Elvarithon was trying to meet up with a larger Osprey force; However, he could not find the rallying point on his own, and so had to wait for a shadowy messenger bird to point the way to the Osprey camp.

The messenger revealed that Bijou and Elvarithon had, in fact, passed the camp. The were forced to double back, but ventured too close to the pursuing party. The rain and darkness concealed them from the wary eyes of all but Faunra, who saw them during a flash of lightning. Faunra pointed them out to Olivia and Keventhrios. Keventhrios began sneaking towards them just as they sighted the Osprey camp.

Elvarithon didn’t notice Keventhrios, but Bijou did, but dared not call Elvarithon’s attention to her compatriot, so they kept approaching the enemy camp…


Valarian Valarian

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