Sing a Song of Blackbirds

At the center of the new world is a vast inland sea whose waters are naturally dark, and the frequent storms that brew along the edges make the roiling waves appear as black as sin. These storm-racked beaches, cliffs, forests and swamps are known collectively as the Mahogany Coast.

The Mahogany Coast is largely divided up into city states whose influence is measured by the amount of tribute they receive and trade routes they control. The greatest of these city states is Ravenspire, a grand metropolis ruled by a council of 5 enigmatic merchant-warlords known only as the Blackbirds.


It has been 4 days since Torment and Cynthia began their journey in Willowmaid. Torment, Cynthia, Veldara and Lorenzo are at the bottom level of the The Greencliff Shrine.

Sing a Song of Blackbirds

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